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LaTeX version here
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Search-and-matching frictions and labor market dynamics in Latvia
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Matlab/Dynare code (zip-file)

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Financial frictions in Latvia
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This version: February 23, 2015
Online Appendix
Matlab/Dynare code (zip-file)

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Real-time signal extraction with regularized multivariate direct filter approach
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This version: April 8, 2014
Older extended version
Matlab code (zip-file)

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Matlab code (zip-file)

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Asymmetric Baxter-King filter
Appeared as "Preliminary results on asymmetric Baxter-King filter" in Aplimat: Journal of Applied Mathematics, vol. 4 (2011), number 3, pp. 239-248
This version:  January 17, 2011
Matlab code
Buss, G.
Seasonal decomposition with a modified Hodrick-Prescott filter
This version: July 28, 2010
MPRA Paper 24133, University Library of Munich, Germany
Matlab code (zip file)